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I Live Here

Warning - Yes this is work related but it's going to be personal and filled with bias.

I live here.

Pinch me.

I actually live here.

Yesterday I listed the cutest little detached home in Gananoque, the best place on earth* clear bias as warned above.

I mean just look at these photos: (and keep in mind the price tag - $179,900)

You need to check out the full listing here.

After leaving a world where our mortgage was literally 60% of my income and the cost of living and real estate was constantly climbing, we felt really smart when we purchased our home in Gananoque nearly three years ago. Our detached home with garage was exactly half the price of the one bedroom 638 square foot condo I purchased in North Vancouver. As I watch the slow changes and early stages of new developments beginning, I continuously pat myself on the back.... People are catching on though so times-they-are-a-changing...

Known as the Gateway to the Thousand Islands, Gan (to the locals) is possibly one of the most beautiful towns in Eastern Ontario - and there is some serious competition out there. Within strolling distance to the stunning waterfront, restaurants, theatre, shops, etc., it is a magical and breath-taking spot. The tourists flock here in the summer and the energy just spikes! It is intoxicating and I love watching people of all ages enjoy our little gem, taking photos and making memories. Whether staying in one of the many gorgeous B&Bs, dining, taking in a show at the Thousand Islands Playhouse, going on a cruise, experiencing the island life or just walking the shops, there is so much for a tourist or towny to do.

I personally commute to Kingston nearly on a daily basis and can be in a meeting within 26 minutes door-to-door. Need some big city lovin'? Ottawa is only 1 hour 10

minutes drive away. Best of both worlds.

Whether you love to kayak, enjoy the arts or just love small towns, I can't croon enough. The friendliest neighbours have welcomed us since day one and we love raising our little family here.

My Backyard

I'm slowly recruiting my friends and family to come here too..... Have I hooked you yet?

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