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Put Me Out to Pasture

When I first moved to this area one of the most appealing aspects was how close to the city you could be, but feel so far. Coming from British Columbia we never dreamed we would find such beauty again but I honestly say over and over that we have.

There are many small villages and inlets North of the 401 that offer a quaint lifestyle just minutes to everything Kingston has. The village of Sydenham sits about 20 minutes North of Kingston and is maybe one of the sweetest places around. It wraps around Sydenham Lake and is a wonderful area to retire or raise a family.

Today I listed a home for sale that sits 5 minutes from there on a lovely acre lot. Sitting in the backyard you are surrounded by pasture and peacefulness. All you can hear are crickets and birds. The owners told me wonderful stories of how they walk their daughter to the back of the property to visit with the neighbouring cows - I know this is something she will treasure forever.

The home itself is lovely, open and bright with a funky 1974 styled side-split design that I love so much.

Trust me - if you grew up in a split level you either love them or hate them and I immediately feel welcomed, at home there. It's updated and ready for a new family to enjoy so if you'd like to see the listing, please click here.

I'll stop gushing about the country for now.... but I promise it won't be for long.

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