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See You Later 2017 (but that's not all folks!)

2017 - What a busy year! The Market was booming and Sales were at a record high in the Kingston area. It was a fabulous time filled with wonderful connections for Buyers and Sellers but also speckled with heartache for some experiencing a 'Sellers' Market' for the first time.

2018 - Forecasted by some smart people to continue on this trend (maybe with a little less enthusiasm) but certainly predicted to be another great year. There have been some rule changes in the Financing sector that will hinder some purchasers, likely lowering the number of competing Buyers, but it will still be busy.

I mention terms like 'Multiple Offers', 'Competing Buyers', Sellers' Market', 'Low Inventory'... and people are surprised. Trust me, if you are considering Selling, talk to a Realtor. It doesn't matter that we are covered in a blanket of snow and the temperature is continuously too cold to walk the dogs - there are Buyers anxiously waiting for a home to look at, NOW. Buying? You will need someone watching the Market for you. Be honest with yourself, you don't have the time and you shouldn't have to try to navigate it. Get help.

I personally hate reading long posts so I don't want to bore you with facts and details that you don't actually want to read so please feel free to email or call with questions. Simply put, this is not the year to 'go-it-alone'. In Markets like this, you NEED professional guidance. Get a team in place to work for you if this is the year you want to move. It's fast and furious so please tread with caution.

For more details about the 2017 Kingston Market and if you like numbers and stats, check out the link below:

Until next time......

- AM

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