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Where do I start?

If you are considering buying a home - whether it's your first, second or tenth - PLEASE meet with a qualified Financial Advisor or Mortgage Broker you trust prior to shopping for a home.

I heard a story recently about an amazing couple who have ample experience purchasing, renovating and selling multiple homes. Their personal experience with organizing their Financing for a recent purchase completely stumped me. It's not my story to tell so I must leave it at that but I will say that when it comes to Mortgages and Financing these days - No transaction is easy and straight forward. Period.

I am not a professional in the Financial aspects of buying a home but I can honestly say that despite the fact I am updated on a regular basis by wonderful Brokers on the current trends and issues at hand, even I can learn something new every time I have a chat with one of them. I am humbled each time I speak with a Broker and can honestly say that no two clients are alike.

Should you need a recommendation for a Broker, please don't hesitate to contact me. It is never too early to begin and being prepared ahead of time will save you plenty of time and stress. It should always be Step 1 in the Buying process.

End of story.

The Fairytale ending is that you will have an amazing investment that offers you forced savings and a roof over your head! Just make the payments and watch that equity grow!

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